Loyal lovers of the environment where we live. With awareness and accountability regarding what we build to make this world a better place. At Scalpers, we are committed to doing our part, combining everything that nature begs us to do for her under the “HO2PE” concept.

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For three seasons now, with the introduction of the HOPE line, Scalpers has joined the race for sustainability in manufacturing processes in the fashion industry. In this collection, recycled fabrics in outer pieces and organic cottons in pieces such as T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts take centre stage. Scalpers is committed to increasing the number of pieces made from recycled materials season after season until we achieve 100% sustainable collections.

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The use of sustainable components such as organic fibres, recycled fibres and mostly organic cotton helps us to reduce the amount of water and gases emitted in the production of our garments. With the incorporation of these materials in our production process we avoid the excess of chemical substances, harmful and dispensable in the quality and effect of the fabrics.

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It is not only the use of sustainable materials that is important when it comes to production. The process and the way in which our garments are made influences the final result of the garments. From dyeing to finishing is part of the object of ecological production for HOPE.

Sustainable washing

We employ sustainable washing using EcoFinish technology, which meets the requirements to be considered an environmentally friendly production process:

  • . No toxic emissions to the atmosphere.
  • . Reduction of water use by up to 90%.
  • . Reduction of chemical product use by up to 90%.
  • . No pouring.
  • . Our jeans use ECO-TECHNOLOGY washing technology.
  • . No handling of chemicals by employees

Tejidos Royo:
Sustainable dyeing

Scalpers collaborates with Tejidos Royo, a Spanish company with a 360º sustainable philosophy renown for the social and environmental commitment of its products.

The brand seeks to guide the textile industry onto a new path, providing innovative solutions that aim to avoid harmful effects in the near future.

They use low-impact raw materials and have the exclusive rights to DRY INDIGO®, a technology that enables the dyeing process of our jeans to reduce the use of water by 100%, use 89% less chemicals and reduce energy use by 65%.


We want to extend the useful life of our boxes, bags and hangers by reusing them until they need to be recycled. Our packaging aims to reduce the use of raw materials, increase recycled content and standardise materials to facilitate reuse and recycling.

The bags we provide our customers in the shop and the hang-tags of the HO2PE pieces are made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper, with vegetable-based ink, they are glued with a water base and FSC certified paper, which means a sustainable management of forests. We work with the ISO 14001 certificate, which is the international standard that certifies our production processes are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.


Caring for your clothes is taking care of the environment. We propose a number of tips to reduce wear and tear on your clothes and reduce water and energy use when washing, drying and treating them. Pay attention:


-10 degrees = -40% energy

Washing clothes at 30 degrees reduces energy use by up to 40% compared to a standard 40 degree wash. This means reducing the burning of oil and gas, contributing to the reduction of global temperatures that cause climate change.


Share, reduce and get inspired

When it’s time to get new clothes, consider giving the old ones a second life. Donate pieces that are in good condition and can still be worn; swap them with your friends or family; or get creative with your ripped jeans, you can check out Pinterest for crafts ideas.


Let your pieces feel the cool breeze!

Air drying reduces wear and tear on fabrics, prevents wrinkles and shrinking and also doesn’t use energy!


It’s time to organise yourself and make the most of every nook and cranny in your wardrobe.

Caring for your clothes and organising your wardrobe will help you "see" what you have and what you need. It’ll take less time to throw your looks together and you’ll be less likely to buy pieces you really don’t need. Less is more, don't forget!